✘ Felix Cooper

✘ Twenty Four

✘ Hometown: London, England

✘ Graduated Julien’s in 2009 as a Dancer. He worked in a dance studio for a little while before he moved to LA in 2010.

✘ Lives with girlfriend Noelle Hamilton and his son, Noah, from a previous relationship.

✘ Just landed his first Hollywood role as Blaine Anderson on Glee.

✘ He put off trying to have a career or finding fame to focus more on his son in his early years

✘ He doesn’t speak to much of his family but friends mean the world to him

✘ He was disowned by his parents at seventeen for dancing, it was something they always forbade him to do but he did it anyway.

✘ He has abandonment issues

✘ He has terrible OCD when it comes to cleaning, he’ll clean the house all the time and shower twice daily

✘ With both of them having demanding schedules things with him and Noelle haven’t been great recently.

✘ Back at Julien’s he was kidnapped and held hostage for three weeks, he still attends therapy in Los Angeles

✘ He’s always been pretty well off so isn’t looking for fame for the money, it’s just what he loves.

✘ Since dance is his gift he’s really had to work on his acting and singing for Glee.

✘ Felix will be seen out and about in Hollywood occasionally but prefers a night in to a night out.

✘ Has battled alcoholism in the past but has a handle on it now so doesn’t drink very often at all.

✘ He’s a very calm guy but will get angry it means defending someone he cares about.

✘ He’s not violent in the slightest but can handle himself if someone ever starts on him.

✘ I’m looking for friends, bad Hollywood influences and his Glee co-stars. Just come at me.

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